Tilden's Gramercy Park home - many of the scenes in the new book being release Dec 2006 take place in his home... The house was auction to the National Arts Club after Tilden's death - He bequeathed nearly all of his estate to build  the New York Public Library.   The National Arts Club and President O. Aldon James, Jr., has done an amazing job preserving these historical rooms. Tilden's home is a historical landmark.  Click on each image for larger view.
Famous Tilden quotes:
"When the people rise the system gets cleansed."
"I trust in the people" 

Tilden's Will
From left to right - 
Louise Dankberg, District Leader, 
Samuel J. Tilden Club, Author - Nikki Oldaker,
 President, O.Aldon James, Jr., National Arts Club and 
Dara Kane, President,
 Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club at the Oct. 5th event held at the National Arts Club.
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Pictured from left to right - Nicole Talmadge, East Hampton Library Director Susan Berescik and Sarah Talmadge - Author's Granddaughters donate - book to East Hampton, CT Library - 
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 "Samuel Tilden 
the Real 19th President "  
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This is the only book about Tilden that details focuses on the story and facts from November 7, 1876  Election Night to Hayes Inauguration March 1877.  
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Tilden never conceded the Presidency - even though the Hayes Presidential Website states he did... They've posted a speech on their website Tilden gave in June 1877 titling the page as 
"Tilden Concession Speech"
When you read the speech you will NOT find one sentence or word that Tilden spoke indicating his concession. Tilden won the election fair and square and til' this day they will not admit it.
From left to right - Louise Dankberg, Author - Nikki Oldaker, President, O.Aldon James, Jr., National Arts Club and Dara Kane,
Grand Staircase - Tilden Gramercy Mansion
Living Room - Tilden Gramercy Mansion
Front View - Tilden Mansion - AKA - National Arts Club
Front Parlor - Tilden Mansion
Samuel J. Tilden 
"I have only to suggest that no citizen’s library, and especially no Democrat’s library, should be regarded as complete without a copy of this invaluable and most interesting work"...David B. Hill, New York Times ,1895
Samuel Tilden was a Bourbon Democrat  - Bourbon's were popular in the United States from 1876 to 1904. They were conservative or classical liberal members of the Democratic Party... Bourbon Democrats represented business interests, supported banking and railroad goals, promoted laissez-faire capitalism (which included opposition to the protectionism Republicans then advocated), opposed imperialism and U.S. overseas expansion, fought for the gold standard, and opposed bimetallism. They strongly supported reform movements such as Civil Service Reform and opposed corruption of city bosses, leading the fight against the Tweed Ring. The corruption theme earned the votes of many Republican Mugwumps in 1884...

National Arts Club - Tilden Mansion