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Author’s Granddaughters Gift New Political History Book to East Hampton Library

Nine year old Nicole and her five year old sister Sarah made an extra special trip with their father Christopher Talmadge to the East Hampton library this week to donate a newly released book, “Samuel Tilden, the Real 19th President.” The new history book was written by their Grandmother, Author Nikki Oldaker, who is better known to them as Grammy Florida. Director, Susan Berescik welcomed the girl’s gift to the library collection and has made a special name plate to display along with the book.  Nikki frequents East Hampton to visit her granddaughters and was in town recently when she took a few days off to visit the girls while on a book –signing preview tour in New York City. On this visit the girls enjoyed dinner at the lake restaurant and spent an afternoon at the renowned Pumpkintown where they bought the largest pumpkin they could carry home between them.

“The idea to donate a copy my book to the library was Nicole’s,” remarks Oldaker, “Nicole loves books and asked me if I could mail her an extra copy for her library in East Hampton. Susan Berescik and I thought it was a great idea and we were delighted by her thoughtfulness to share.  Mr. Tilden bequeathed his millions to build the first free library, today known as the New York Public Library on 5th and 42nd Avenues.  Most people do not know much about Mr. Tilden and his vision of a free library for all, but nine year old Nicole does after her visits with me through its grand halls. As her grandmother I enjoyed teaching her a bit of U.S. history many have long forgotten. Tilden during his time was considered the Greatest Democrat ever and millions adored him for his firm reform tactics and high integrity.”

Tilden was a reformer, who busted up the Tweed Ring, and after his election win had to deal with the corrupt administration of President Grant, who conspired to cheat Tilden out of the Presidency. Nikki was in awe of Tilden's political integrity and in 1997, she wrote a movie script about his conflict with Rutherford B. Hayes, titled, "Tilden." Oldaker did research for “Tilden” at the New York Public Library, and the National Arts Club, which was originally his home and today a historical landmark. She read numerous books and documents as well as newspaper accounts to write a compelling screenplay about the four months of conflict and voters protest demonstrations that uncannily prefigured the Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry disputes.

As the saying goes, history does repeat itself, and author Nikki Oldaker, in her new book "Samuel J. Tilden – The Real 19th President," takes us back in time behind the scenes of the 1876 Tilden Hayes election. Her book includes Tilden’s biographer John Bigelow writings from “The Life of Samuel J. Tilden” and renews the warning to all future presidential candidates -- BEWARE! She is currently writing the sequel which will be published before the 2008 elections.

Nikki is “a natural” who excels at whatever she undertakes. She plunged into her political breech in the 1992 Democratic Political Convention and two more successive ones managing “The VIP Backstage Room” for candidates and speakers who went before the TV cameras. She also assisted the Republicans during Jeb Bush’s first campaign for Governor. Leaving all her other careers behind, her stints with the National Political Conventions aroused her interest in the history of American Presidential elections.

Nikki states unequivocally, "The voters in America deserve honesty and integrity from their elected officials as well as the very best service. I hope my book about Tilden helps them to realize; honor ranks higher in the people’s eyes more so than monetary position.”

"Samuel Tilden, the Real 19th President" can be ordered at online bookstores and also be found at the website:


Pictured from left to right - Nicole Talmadge, East Hampton Library Director Susan Berescik and Sarah Talmadge