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Updated: "Tilden Election" Political Documentary to Premiere fall 2010
A must read book for history buffs and voters before the 2010 elections. Presidential disinformation corruption
was born in 1876 and as the saying goes, history does repeat itself. Author and Documentary Producer Nikki Oldaker, in her two new book "Samuel J. Tilden – The Real 19th President," takes us back in time behind the scenes of the 1876 Tilden/Hayes election, which was referenced with Gore/Bush 2000 election dispute and then again with Kerry/Bush in 2004. Her book includes Tilden’s biographer Republican John Bigelow writings from “The Life of Samuel J. Tilden” and renews the warning to all future presidential candidates -- BEWARE!

NY Governor Tilden, AKA, the “Great Reformer” busted the infamous Tweed and Canal Rings. Nikki was in awe of Tilden's political integrity and in 1997, she wrote a film script about his conflict with Rutherford B. Hayes, titled, "Tilden." She researched numerous books and historical documents as well as newspaper accounts to write a compelling screenplay. The four months of conflict and voters protests during the 1876/1877 demonstrations uncannily looks similar to the last two Presidential elections.

Author Oldaker states unequivocally, "The voters in America deserve honesty and integrity from their elected officials as well as the very best service. They have been getting everything but-I hope my book and documentary about Tilden helps them to realize; honor & integrity ranks higher more so than monetary & celebrity position. Currently I see our elected officials working for the corporations and special interest instead of the benefit of the working class taxpayers. Corruption has spread nationwide which was Tilden's biggest fear.”

Nikki Oldaker is “a natural” who excels at whatever she undertakes. She plunged into her political breech in the 1992 Democratic Political Convention and two more successive ones managing “The VIP Backstage Room” for candidates and speakers who went before the TV cameras. This curiosity led her to Tilden and his presidency that was stolen by just one Electoral College vote. Nikki was an Independent U.S. Senate Candidate during the Florida elections in 2000. She realized before most others election night 2000 that she was witnessing in real time a re-play of the 1876 dispute when Florida hesitated to call the election between Gore and Bush. She believes to this day the entire state should have been recounted – not just a few hand picked counties to reveal the true winner. Nikki Oldaker currently resides in Clearwater with her husband, Eric.

Nikki is planning a book & film festival tour Fall 2010 - 2011. Email her direct for direct interviews, speaking or book signing events.   Her books can be purchased at all online bookstores or at the Samuel Tilden’s website –
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