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About Nikki O.

Had a great Publicist and other mentors along the way. Would I have done it differently? Jury's still out on that one.
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2017 to present day 2024. 
Produced and edited all three Tilden books with AI technology into audio with illustrations to pitch for larger production companies. Published chapter by chapter are free to watch on YouTube @

Busy with Intense research for two new planned screenplays. Not naming them as yet until I have a good entertainment attorney to protect my work.

​2008 - 2016: Edited and revised, 2 volumes of John Bigelow's, "The Life of Sameul J. Tilden" - 600 pages - Book Press Party held at Samuel Tilden's Gramercy Park mansion.

December 2006: Published 1st book adapted from my "Tilden 1997 screenplay.
 "Samuel Tilden the Real 19th President" released December 2006 - completed, published. 288 pages. Book debut at Book Expo America. 

2006 - 2007: Part Two - full hard copy version- "Samuel Tilden, the Real 19th President" 

2003 - 2004 Two projects under re-write and ongoing creations of Web sites. Also worked PR Outreach for documentary film-maker - WMD - Weapons of Mass Deception, NYC -Danny Schecter, Producer

2002 - James Dew - Guilford CT and Stone House Restaurant. Produced Local Commercials - WTNH - Director David Baltimore.

2002: Acquired Real Estate License. Bread and butter job.

2000 - Nikki for U.S. Senate commercial - Wrote Script and Produced with Edit Works, Orlando, FL - by far the dumbest thing I ever did was run for office. :)

1997: Learned to build websites. Still maintain them for self and other clients.

1992, 1993 - 2000 - 2004 - Co-managed by invitation - VIP Backstage Hair & Makeup Room for DNC & 1993 Clinton Inaugural

1996: Wrote treatment for film titled, "Diamoruff" Drama about blood diamonds in Africa. Also hosted a local cable show in Sarasota FL.

1994 - 2004 -Script and Research and continual study for "Tilden" 
screenplay about Samuel Tilden's stolen election of 1876.

1995 - 1997 - "Samuel Tilden and Past Presidential Candidates" short presentation to introduce a series of 43 about U.S. Presidential candidates and the controversy in their elections. 
Director, Dominic Palmer - Mash Series, Don Tweedy, Original score, Century III Universal Studios.

1992 - 1995 - "Nikki Morgan Show" - Produced and Hosted Local TV show about entertainers and popular politicians in area events. CTV New Haven and WFAC Fairfield County areas. 

1995: Produced short presentation videos for Special Olympics and Hartford Tourism Revitalization project.

1991 - 1992 - "Without the Law" - Screenplay - Dramedy comedy screenplay about the takedown of the IRS.
A dramedy is a movie or program that balances the elements of a drama and a comedy. 

1984 - 1991 "Hot Air" - Sit com presentation written, directed and produced about a hair salon, later re-named, "Hair Biz" -

1992 - "Hair Biz" presentation sit com as a pilot and was produced half hour in working salon I owned with the assistance of Media Arts Center, New Haven, CT. Was offered a $5,000 grant to produce more shows and refused the offer knowing the state of CT was in financial trouble.

1984: Wrote script about toys coming to life in a young girls room. Foolishly handed it off to an Entertainment attorney who had no experience with Hollywood.

1980 - Produced a live Disco dance show at Yesterdays in Shelton, CT... Talent: DJ Wilie Travali and all the popular disco dancers from a popular night club in Hamden, CT. Used hairstyles to promote salon I owned, "Talk of the Town".. The live show was well received. Follow up was multiple offers from other nightclubs. My decision was to move to New York City to pursue and learn how to write scripts and produce TV professionally. 

Met and traveled across country with a top of the Billboard charts hit band learning every detail of live stage concerts productions and how unions control it all.